viernes, 24 de junio de 2011

Couture Hats ~ Collection 2011

    Crochet cloche with striped silk taffeta bow.  Deep pink grazia beret with grazia handmade roses.

         Fine straw 50´s pictre hat with petal brim.         Fine straw hat with silk hanmade roses.

        Fine straw sidesweep hat with silk flowers.           Grazia straw pleated sidesweep hat.

Italian straw cut through with black grazia flowers.  Italian straw pictre hat with petersham ribbon.

Silk taffeta heart pillbox with veiling choux & bows. Silk tafetta pillbox with handmade flowers & veiling.

 Silk tafetta pillbox with handmade roses and veil.                Silk zibeline box pillow.

These are some hats from collection spring/summer 2011 by Rachel Trevor-Morgan.

I love the classical elegance of each of them ~

Elsa Idalia ❧

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