miércoles, 29 de junio de 2011

Glastonbury 2011

 I like so much this kind of signs!

All those little dots are tents. 
I wish I could go to camping! :)

 A nice pleace to enjoy when the sun in shining on the hill...

 The resting place is a sacred place...

 Let´s get creative!! :]

Cold rain in a summer day...

 Mud everywhere!!

 The mud won´t kill the day...

 These waterproof jackets are made from recycled tents.

 These boots are made for walking through mud.

A GIANT TWISTER!!!! I lost mine...

 Boots Off!!

 Just in case it rains... ;)

That girl is a relly good friend. No doubt :]

The days ends and the sun goes down, 
but we´ll see us tomorrow...

 I´d would like to teach this :]
I think it would be a good idea for a party or an event...

Oh love that lamps!

 As they said, if you were tired of music & dance,
a good film could always be an entertainment option.

 Coldplay´s lead singer, Chris Martin...
but everybody knows that.

  A solar powered bike...

 With Family, Friends, Music, Mud, Games 
& many other things,
that´s all three little girls need to be happy :]

 What a happy family!!!!! Mother & son ❤


Guests who couldn't miss ;)

 It would have been so funny if I had been there, 
dancing, jumping, singing, etc... LOL.

Those Dancing Days. Beautifuls girls. Good Music.

 One of my favorites pictures, A TEPEES :     ]

& finally... 

at the end of the day...
everyone were so happy!

...Coming soon Glastonbury 2013.

Elsa Idalia

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